Spine Intact – The Very, Very Last Epilog

I intended, when I started this project, to keep it under wraps as it were, until it was finished. The news did get out, however, as news will, and I was astonished by the amount of interest that it generated.

It is nighttime as I write and I can see, out my window, an enormous crowd of my fans approaching on the street below, coming no doubt to celebrate the manuscript’s completion. I think the torches were a brilliant idea. Nothing makes any event more festive, in my opinion.

And the ropes. I suppose they are to rope off the streets, to give free rein to this special night’s mingling and dancing. Already my toes are tapping to the beat of their chant, though I cannot yet quite make out the words.

The pitchforks are a bit puzzling, though…why would you want pitchforks at a party?


* * * * * * *


Oh—at the very last minute I did finally think of some wisdom that I could impart. It isn’t mine, it’s John Gay’s, but I am sure he will be glad for the coverage. Any man who writes “Our Polly is a sad slut,” needs all the good press he can get, if you ask me.


                 Life is jest; and all things show it;

                 I thought so once;

                 but now I know  it.


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